Agyar the Unyielding Howling pack wolfen

This is Agyar the Unyielding, wolfen leader of the Howling Pack. Or as I call him, the wolfen formerly known as Biggles. I really didn't like the way his eyes were covered over with the goggles, so I decided to give him a head swap with a predator wolfen. Unfortunately this now means that its rather difficult to get a good shot of him. I tried to keep him very muted and so I went for shadowy grey tones for the fur. I admit its rather difficult to see the fur effect on this one. He looks more fluffy IRL. Anyway, I wanted the sword and shield to look very weathered, hence why the shield looks like it's patchy. This is a deliberate attempt at getting the weathered look and I really like that effect. I am particularly fond of the way the armour came out. I used a layering technique to build up the colour in a two tone effect so that it blends from purple at the base, to a more terracotta look to the raised areas. I am getting better at freehand and am really proud of the work on the sword. I used graveyard earth highlighted with bleached bone and white for the bone armour. It came out a bit pinkish, but I think it works with the other colors overall. The base was built up using some insulation styrene for the rocks. These were then painted and flocked in patches to give them a moss covered look. Then I mixed up some PVA with woodland scenics snow and dabbed that on in patches. I also created a waterfall by painting on some blue tones mixed with some iridescent meduim, then covering that in water effects (another woodland scenics product). This is my fiancee's favorite wolfen he says its my best one to date. What do you think?? Regards Kat

Posted: 24 Dec 2003

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Matrim Cauthon123
Really Great. Love the sword.
2 Jan 2006
Another great one Kat :o) Love that base!
24 Dec 2003 • Vote: 10

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