Crossbows at Dawn - wolfen v orc

Crossbows at Dawn This was my entry to the Game Mart competition. The theme was "Confrontation Duel". I decided to do a slightly different take on the usual duel (which usually involved two fighters locked in some form of physical combat with swords, etc). I've decided to go back to the traditional meaning of a duel with a different twist. Remembering back in the 18th century when duelling was more of a matter of honor than combat between two warring parties, I decided to go for a similar theme to the pistol duels of that era. Hence "Crossbows at Dawn" was born. Here we have two races, orcs and wolfen, who I feel would both have a stong sense of honour. Wronged by the orc in some way, the wolfen here has called for a duel of honour. As they are both adept at using the crossbow, this was the preferred weapon of choice. Called in to oversee the fairness of the contest, the wolfen solitaire outlines the rules of engagement whilst the two combatants stand back to back, preparing to take their 20 paces... All of the models here are removable from their bases.

Posted: 8 Nov 2003

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spike 92
very creative. and the paint job isn't too shabby either!
6 Dec 2004
Thanks, there was one other entry by Slidedog and this one came first!
14 Nov 2003 • Vote: 10
Hey, very nice! How did it place in the competition? Your idea of the duel is good! It's way more interesting than most duel dioramas i've seen :) Nice job.
12 Nov 2003

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