Wolfen Crossbow 3- reposted with better pic

http://www.coolminiornot.com/?id=35758 Crossbows at Dawn This was part of my entry to the Game Mart competition. The whole diorama can be seen under Img ID: 35756 This is a reposted close-up of the Wolfen Crossbow 3 on a separate base. The older pic of him is here: http://www.coolminiornot.com/?id=35758 When I saw the wolfen Crossbow 3 that Drodo painted I knew I wanted to do one like that myself, so the colour scheme is based heavily on his wolfen this time. The theme for the contest was "Confrontation Duel". I decided to do a slightly different take on the usual duel (which usually involved two fighters locked in some form of physical combat with swords, etc). I've decided to go back to the traditional meaning of a duel with a different twist. Remembering back in the 18th century when duelling was more of a matter of honor than combat between two warring parties, I decided to go for a similar theme to the pistol duels of that era. Hence "Crossbows at Dawn" was born. Here we have two races, orcs and wolfen, who I feel would both have a stong sense of honour. Wronged by the orc in some way, the wolfen here has called for a duel of honour. As they are both adept at using the crossbow, this was the preferred weapon of choice. Called in to oversee the fairness of the contest, the wolfen solitaire outlines the rules of engagement whilst the two combatants stand back to back, preparing to take their 20 paces... All of the models here are removable from their bases.

Posted: 24 Dec 2003

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Thanks for the comments. The snow is woodland Scenics snow mixed to a tick paste with PVA glue. I paint and model the base up first and then put the snow on last. This was just a temporary base for the close-up photo. He is part of a diorama and lives there normally.
8 Jan 2004
In my opinion one of your best Wolfen !!!
25 Dec 2003 • Vote: 9
Fantastic work on this figure. The only part that looks bland are the arrow heads in his right paw. I'm curious to know what you used for snow.
24 Dec 2003 • Vote: 9

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