Dragon of Fire

This is a Garrity sculpt of a dragon of fire. I think it is very similar to the Red Dragon in the new WOTC Monster Manual for AD&D. So basically, I used a paint scheme similar to the artwork in the monster manual as well. Some of the more subtle highlights have been washed out in the picture I'm afraid. I used Vallejo intense red mixed with GW red gore as a base, highlighted with progressively more intense red, mixed with blood red and a bit of fire orange as the final highlights on some of the scales. Black stripes were added to give a bit of interest to the body and I also used black, highlighted with a mix of shadow grey and ghostly grey, for the crest. The belly plates were painted to look like bone. This was achieved with using a scorched brown base, highlighted with more and more scrufulous brown mixed with graveyard earth, then more bleached bone, up to ivory white (paining stripes which got progressively thinner as I applied the highlights). I then glazed the area with a thin wash of purple and peat brown Windsor and Newton inks. I kept the base as simple rock so as to keep the dragon the main focus and try to show that he is a large dragon, in a small scale.

Posted: 2 Feb 2005

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Nice dragon. good scheme. Nice simple base.
23 Jan 2012 • Vote: 8
Very good - if i'd done it i would have used more orange, but i like it.
24 Apr 2005
Nice work Jo, you said large dragon/small scale, is it similar to warmaster size then? -Mick
21 Feb 2005

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