This is Reapers T'Raukzul. He is huge and is supposed to be a red dragon- so I painted him as such. He's sculpted by Sandra Garrity IIRC. I highllighted every single scale several times from black all the way up to fire orange. That took ages. I decided to go for a dark metallic blue for his belly scales. The picture doesn't really show all the details very well, because he is soo big I had to acrifice getting close enough shots so that I could get the whole of him in! My hand really ached after trying to paint him! Hope you like him! Kat

Posted: 16 Nov 2002

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I like the figure and the paintjob... But why the heck is he standing in goo? I really hate them things.
24 Jul 2003
Gotta agree with Zombie! I really like the flaps of the wings but the belly scales don't work for me :( Maybe i is just the pic though.
13 Jan 2003 • Vote: 7
geez hes a thick one, if you have a pic editing app, give us another of just close ups and various angles!
16 Nov 2002 • Vote: 7

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