Treasure dragon

Hi, this is a very special dragon as he is one of a kind- I sculpted it myself out of super sculpey! He is a male treasure dragon- he has gathered together a hoard of beautiful gems and is now strutting his stuff in order to attract a lady dragon. I really went to town painting this one, but unfortunately the armature I used wasn't strong enough and he has suffered a bit of damage since taking this photograph. aside fom the stability problem, I was reasonably happy with the way the sculpt turned out, the wings are the main thing that lets him down, they are too long and narrow and so look rather flappy. Hope you like him! Kat

Posted: 16 Nov 2002

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El Gonzo
you must continue in sculpting, you could be very very good... just a negative comment, the base too... kitsch for me.
7 Mar 2004 • Vote: 8
I am not sure I have even seen a scratch-built dragon before! It's not perfect but hell...a scratch built dragon!! I take your point about the wings and I suspect that it must have been very hard not to end up with the whole scene looking a bit kitsch. But you appeared to have pulled off a minor coup. Well done
20 Jul 2003 • Vote: 8
ThriKeen Priest
Great job!! Not many folks scratch-build their models, much less a dragon! I think the tail could be a tad "twistier" and are not the wings *supposed* to be "flappy"? lol
7 Dec 2002
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