The Watcher - Wolfen 2

Hi, this is rhe second wolfen model I have painted. It is The Watcher. Here is a link to a closeup: Unlike most people I paint my wolfen with fur on their bodies- I don't like the idea that the wolfen have just skin like humans, I think they should be fluffy! I supose that comes from playing Werewolf the Apocalypse- I like to paint them like the crinos werewolves in this artwork- especially by artists such as Ron Spencer. This one was tricky to photograph because he has such a big weapon! So to get to see the detail on the main part of the model I have has to cut off the top of the halberd. This is the second photo of The Watcher and I have included here a bit more of the halberd. Hope you like him! Kat

Posted: 16 Nov 2002

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Way cool.. great work with the golds, and I too love the fur on this.
6 Jan 2004 • Vote: 10
Finally a fuzzy wolfen! And what a good job! I love it!
31 Jul 2003
Hi, Thanks for the comments. For the fur,I will first lay out the basic shades- lighter on the belly and inside the legs, and darker on the back. Then I use a sligthly frayed brush and build up the fur effect with slightly lighter shades of the basecot. What I also do is study photos of wolves- notice that your standard grey wolf that this is based on, tends to have a more brownish shade on his snout, and that around his chops and his eyes he has white fur surounding a dark recess. The actual inside of the lips are black- so a little bit of blacklining around there works really nicely. Hope his helps! Kat
23 Nov 2002
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