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Here is my latest figure, hopefully the pics have come out O.K. Points to note on this are the hundreds of Non metallic metal bits (came out quite nicely) and the freehand on the tabard back and front (the back pic is supposed to be of a woodland goddess hence the green skin) People have complained about the pics of my freehand work being too small so this is my attempt to change that. All the colours were mixed by myself (from GW paints) and the flesh tone is mixed from about seven different colours built up in glazes. The tattoo freehand on the leg is based on original celtic knotwork designs, as is the decoration at the bottom of the tabard. This figure is a great sculpt, and I have seen some really nice versions, so I've done my best to paint a fairly definitive one, and I am quite pleased with the result. This figure will be up on Ebay shortly so if you like him, buy him! My seller ID is Paulsemporium, so bookmark the page as I will be holding regular auctions. Let me know what you think of him!

Posted: 27 Jan 2003

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This is Awesome work!!!!!
31 Oct 2013 • Vote: 10
This is awesome. Smooth painting job and I love the nmm-bits expecially the gold ones. The gems are perfect too. And the freehand painting... sign... I'm jelous :-) In a good way.
21 Nov 2003
NMM metal looks great, particularly on the chest medallian, great work.
26 Aug 2003 • Vote: 7
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