Elluvari Hunter

Well here she is... my third green, and the fourth mini ready for my new line of figures.... (check out Marek's account for the third mini, as he is doing some sculpting for me, and my account for the other two) This figure is one of my favourite pieces I think, as I have tried to be a bit more creative and go for the kind of thing I like. She is part of a sort of alien/elven race, called the Elluvari, and because of this I have made her very tall and thin... she is about 5mm taller than my other female figures, and looks very imposing!! The pictures aren't that good, so if you want better ones, let me know and I will try to get them to you. Points to note are the cool claw like armour on the free hand (I wanted it to look very clinical and precise, like it would dissect people :) Also the first gun I have designed and sculpted (I will be putting more detail on the gun stock, when I have decided on emblems/motifs for the figures) There is a lot of detail on this figure, but some of it is lost in the photo (like the gem in the headdress) but the boots have come out very nicely (they were sculpted from actual soft leather boots to try and make them as realistic as possible) Overall I am very happy with her, and I will do more of this race, in a similar style... I hope you like it too. Again I would appreciate comments on whether people would be interested in buying this figure when it is cast. Thanks Pete

Posted: 23 Aug 2003

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Hairy Sticks
I love it....... She looks great! The pose is beautiful and the little creases on the boots are very nice. The rifle is not really to my taste, however it is still very well sculpted..... 9/10 :D
19 Feb 2004
Well, I cant sculpt on this scale, so I think it is wonderful; as are all of your greens. You must also love tall slender women. I dont see the suple curved vixens accostomed to the celtic line in your sculpts. :)
5 Feb 2004
Kamui K
I don't think it's the hip that's the problem. More like her right leg. At certain angles, it looks a tinsy bit thinner than her other leg. Or maybe just her thigh. I love the details on her boots from the back. But from the side and front, it seems that her legs doesn't seem as defined, anatomy wise. (not like I'm an expert). Maybe her knee are is too thick? Kinda resembles logs cause of it? Again, looks fine from the back tho. Her hair looks a bit stiff too. But from the front view it's fine. Don't get me wrong, she's wonderful overall. Keep up the good work.
5 Nov 2003 • Vote: 8
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