Amarocese psykor queen

Hi there, Well here is my second finished green, and the second figure that will be cast and released by myself under the name 'Sacred Blade'. The figure was designed and sculpted by myself, and will have a large male bodyguard (hence the lack of any weapons) In the game I am planning she is a queen, with psychic powers, and I tried to sculpt her like she was summoning these powers, and struggling to maintain concentration. I also posed the free hand as if it was holding her loincloth from blowing up, to give her a more realistic and lifelike look, as well as being quite sexy ;) I have made her more overtly feminine than the last one and as such I might rename her 'Chesty la rue', or 'Hootie mac boob' (any Simpsons fans will recognise that :) ). I used actual models again for my concepts/reference, so the figure is realistically proportioned... She could be used in other games as a sorceress, or any other related character... As my second figure I think I have improved a lot, and everything is very smooth, as well as being proportionally and stylistically exactly how I wanted her. Hopefully you can see everything from the pics, as they have taken me all day (taking the pics was harder than sculpting the figure itself :) ) Points to note on the sculpt are the knee length stilleto boots, the various chains as well as the face, which I think is quite beautiful as it is the part of a sculpt I try to make the most of. Anyway, please let me know what you think of her, and again let me know whether this is the kind of figure you would like to buy. She is in my normal scale (about 40mm) but as she is kneeling she is obviously shorter than this.... as such she would fit into many different games, as well as being a quality painters/collectors piece... Thanks a lot to all those who commented/contacted me to let me know they would be interested in the last figure... it is a great encouragement. Keep checking, as my next figure will be one of the elven race I am planning..... Thanks - Pete

Posted: 1 Aug 2003

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Looks good- even the legs etc etc are just fine- saw this girl last night at Hooters I'm sure- seriously lol I went cause they have good wings- anyway point is that not all women are as curvy as others- this lady looks great as is.
23 Mar 2004 • Vote: 9
What a sexy sorceress ...!!! I like it Pete !
16 Jan 2004 • Vote: 10
Beautiful sculpt, when do they become available to us? Shaz
11 Dec 2003 • Vote: 9
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