Bounty Hunter Leader

Well here is my fourth finished green, and the fifth for the initial release line from my own company 'Sacred Blade'. This guy is part of a line of Bounty Hunters that I am doing, based mainly on some concepts done for me by Pierre (PF here on cool mini) It is very different from the other figures I have done, but at least it shows that I don't just sculpt scantily clad females :) This is the first time I have worked from someone elses concept, and I have enjoyed it, as it was a good way to relax from working on my first Demon figure that will be finished shortly. Check out the rest of the Sacred Blade sculpts on cool mini, by looking at my account, and Marek's account as he is doing some sculpting for me also. My favourit bits of this sculpt are all the little details, like the belt buckle, and the helmet details. The fabrics also came out very well, and the pictures show this quite effectively. I will be posting painted examples of each of the figures on cool mini when they are cast and ready for sale. Please feel free to let me know what you think of this sculpt or any of the others, and please let me know whether this is the kind of figure you would like to buy. This figure is in my normal scale of about 40mm, so it should be applicable for use in several game systems, although it is really aimed at collectors and painters (I do however, plan to do a game for the figures eventually) Also, if any sculptors out there are interested in working on such figures, please let me know, as I have lots of concepts that need working on to expand my line of figures... Thanks a lot :)

Posted: 10 Sep 2003

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Shawn R. L.
I'll support ya bud. I really like the helmet. The cape is great. Especially from the back. It looks like the wind is blowing.
16 Nov 2004
I dunno, the helmet is kinda neat I think. Gives it a 1948 sci-fi flash gordon kind of look.
19 Feb 2004
night lord123
very well done. My only problem is the helmet. ugh. It looks out of place and I just don't like it. Very good sculpt though.
9 Nov 2003
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