38mm Uriel sculpt

Here is yet another commission sculpt that I finished recently for a new line of miniatures: Dark Messiah. This character is called Uriel. He measures around 38mm high, and is currently availabe to buy, so check out some info here if you are interested (the original concept art is also posted at this link, so you can see how the sculpt compares):
I added quite a few close ups to show some of the detail work, like the hooded angel on the chest, and the chain biting death on the back of his armour :) I also included a couple of close up pics of the face (before the hair was added) note his lovely set of green teeth :p Hope you guys like it and I look forward to any comments. If you want to see a painted version there are a couple of nice ones at these links:
Uriel Painted1

Uriel Painted2
If you want to see the other commission sculpts I posted from this new line of miniatures then check out these links here:
Medusa sculpt

Samael sculpt
Happy painting! :) (and sculpting!)

Posted: 1 Apr 2009

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great sculp! got one, it's really a very original miniature!!!
4 Apr 2009 • Vote: 9

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