Elluvari Laser

Well here is another Green for my own 'Sacred Blade' line of figures, and it is another Elluvari figure (futuristic Alien Elves, see my other posts for a female one..) This guy is very strong, as he is the Equivalent of a Heavy Weapons figure. It took a long time to get the musculature the way it looks, but I think it was worth it.... The large weapon is a sort of laser, hence the name, and I tried to make it look very technical... The pose of the figure is something that I have wanted to do for a long time... a very 'fantasy art' pose. If you want to see more pictures please let me know and I will send them to you. He is in my normal scale of about 40mm, but he is tall even for an Elluvari as I wanted him to look very imposing, so standing he would be about 55mm!! I will be sculpting a display base that will be including with the figure, in a similar shape to the rough base he is on at the moment.... Please let me know what you think of the figure, and if you have any questions about sculpting or my line of figures just send me a message :) Thanks - Pete

Posted: 3 Nov 2003

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James Van Niekerk
Doh! i didnt mean to rate that 6, lets go with this instead, great job!
1 Jan 2006 • Vote: 8
James Van Niekerk
It's a very clean, smoothe, and controlled sculpt job. My criticism would be, first off, his stomach muscles could be a little bit more subtle. also is he supposed to be wearing shoulder pads or are those his shoulder muscles? if they are shoulder pads, where are the straps, and if those are muscles, they are too harshly pronounced. but the pose is wicked, i would say the legs are my favorite part of this model by far, they are very well done and well proportioned.
1 Jan 2006 • Vote: 8
Very good job, I like that guy ! He looks so powerful. Very good musculature in this body builder pose, and your work is pretty clean !!! You're impressive Pete, bravo!
16 Jan 2004 • Vote: 10
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