38mm Samael sculpt

Here is another commission sculpt that I finished recently for a new line of miniatures: Dark Messiah. This character is called Samael, and is currently availabe to buy, so check out some info here if you are interested:
For a change, I decided to post some very large pictures, to show the details on the sculpt. Please remember that the figure is actually only about 38mm high :) I have included the original concept art I was given in the picture, so you can see how the sculpt compares. The pose is quite relaxed with the arm resting on the sword. There are two versions of the figure, one with the severed head in the right hand, and one with the gun that you see pictured instead. The lump of putty under the right foot was only there to get the pose right, the figure later had a scenic base made for it. The right shoulder pad is missing on a couple of the pics (these are all the pictures I had), but you can see them both on the top picture. Hope you guys like it and I look forward to any comments. If you want to see another commission sculpt I posted from this new line of miniatures (a female mini called the Medusa) then check out this link here:
Medusa sculpt
Happy painting! :)

Posted: 30 Mar 2009

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Pete that is freakin' ace, I got to get me one of these.
23 May 2009 • Vote: 10
Echt gut gemacht. Kenne da schon um einiges schlimmere @Sam´s. Bin schon ganz gespannt auf die Bemalung.
16 Apr 2009
wow, that is a nice sculpt. Scale, details, etc. You remind me how bad I suck.
31 Mar 2009
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