Divine Spirit of Vigour

Well, here is the first figure I have painted from my own miniature line "Sacred Blade Miniatures" (check the link if you are interested in the minis ;) ) This one was sculpted by the excellent Gael Goumon, and is around 45mm scale. This is also the first figure I have painted entirely in oil paints (Winsor&Newton oils) apart from some of the base and wings which have some tube acrylics and GW acrylics. Although I have used oils on canvas a lot, it was interesting learning how to use them on this smaller scale. I am very pleased with the results however, and would recommend trying oils to anyone interested in new painting techniques. All the metals are NMM, and the leggings and gloves were painted to appear like a shiny material. Hopefully this has come out looking OK :) I considered adding some freehand tattoos, but thought that the pure skin suited the figure much more. I also sculpted the base to look like a crater, to give the figure some narrative. I will put some higher resolution pics on my website as soon as I can, so anyone interested can see the figure better. Well, thanks for looking, and I hope you guys like her ... and remember to check out my website :) Thanks a lot - Pete

Posted: 2 Dec 2004

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Yet more proof of your mightiness. Bloody fantastic.
4 Nov 2006 • Vote: 10
I can't believe you achieved that metallic effect only by using NMM. Incredible.
27 Jul 2006
Infidel Castro
Hehe! 6 indeed! Get a life fuzz boy :D
12 Jun 2005 • Vote: 10
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