Amarocese warrior green

Hi there, For all those who have been waiting for more minis from me, this is why they haven't been forthcoming. I am currently working on my own miniature line, which are designed and sculpted by myself primarily, aswell as being cast by myself. This figure is my first finished green and I am very happy with it, as it will be one of the first available when I put them into production. I will be adding detail onto the vacant shoulder plate when I have decided on insignia for the faction. I will also be sculpting an optional decorative base section for those wanting a display piece. I tried to make the body of the figure more realistic, whilst still being quite sexy ;) I apologise for the lack of light in some areas but I am still learning with the camera/lighting. Hopefully you won't hold it against me with the score :) The lighting does show the face well, which is good as that was one of my favourite bits. Please let me know if you would be interested in purchasing figures like this when they are produced, as it would be good to know that people are interested in buying my figures. If you are interested in more info on my figures (the company working title is 'the sacred blade forge') or if you are interested in the company that I will probably be working with to produce a game system for them (Eastern Front studios) then just send me a PM. Thanks a lot for looking and comments are very much appreciated (P.S if you want to see what the paintjob will be like when its cast, have a look at my other painted figures :) ) Sorry, forgot to mention that it is about 40mm, so compatible with quite a few game systems... thanks - Pete

Posted: 19 Jul 2003

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Where is that Dag Gum 11 button at this sculpt definatly deserves it. I would love a copy of this mini.
28 Oct 2009 • Vote: 10
Its realy good, fine work.
25 Aug 2004
stunning...really stunning
17 Aug 2004
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