Scatha the Wyrm

Another dragon for you all! This time it's Scatha!! I went for a green dragon this time with leathery wings. He came out a bit glossy but then scales can be glossy so I guess thats OK. The grey rock base sets him off quite nicey I think. Please let me know what you think of him! Kat

Posted: 8 Jul 2003

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I never knew you liked dragons.....ha Excellent job!! I really like the darker greenish/blue pattern throughout the body. The face is the epitome of a dragon, excellent job there. You are right about the rocks, they do set him off.
11 Sep 2003 • Vote: 8
Thanks, The green I used was primarily GW's "forest green" an older pot of paint that came out a bit glossy. The white bit under his beak is a large pointy tooth- but it does look a little weird from that angle.
10 Jul 2003
I like it, though maybe the green's a little too bright. Love the wings, though, and the base gives a very cool pose. The very tip of its, uh, beak, painted in white, looks sort of wierd, what is it ?
9 Jul 2003

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