Lizardmen temple guard with Spinocarnomegalosaurus

Hi, This little beastie is a conversion of a Natural History Museum megalosaurus, bits of a dragon, some shark teeth and chains. He's being let into battle by a group of temple guard (and a reaper Lizardman shaman). I did this one about 2 or 3 years ago now. I tried to make the base look nice and swampy. What do you think of it? Kat

Posted: 8 Jul 2003

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Without being too mean, I'd have to give this a 7 mainly because the dino doesn't give me the overall beastiality of the Lizardmen, this is mainly because of its stubby arms.
25 Feb 2006 • Vote: 7
I really like the miniture's overall look. I am not sure about the weapons the lizardmen are carrying though.
1 Jan 2005
i really like this piece the only thing i think would be better is if the manacle was around beasties ankle, it looks like it would drop down due to the tapering of the leg and fall off, does that make sense!
30 Aug 2003
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