Death Dragon

This is the Grenadier Death Dragon. The arms are sculpted from milliput as the original ones were lost. The person who sold it to me gave me a messenger of Sauron as a rider for him and he's been painted in purple and gold to give a bit of colour to the piece. I painted him some time ago and the undercoat went on really grainy so I made the best of it and gave him a weathered bone look. Comments very welcome. I tried to post this last night but the pic got compressed really badly. Hopefully this picture is better. Regards Kat

Posted: 9 Jul 2003

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Nice work. I like the weathered bone look. The rider looks like he was made this mini.
22 Apr 2004 • Vote: 10
My dragon also had a 'solid' rib cage... :(
13 Nov 2003 • Vote: 7
Thanks for the comment. I don't recall that the ribs had any filler. If yours do, I'd suggest using a dremel or soneting to drill a small hole, then file or grind the filler away. The base is made of metal and is set back, The arms are light enough being milliput over a wire skeleton. So he doesn't fall over at all. I didn't really have to do anything!
11 Jul 2003

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