Wolfen Grave Guard

Third time lucky hopefully! I'm trying to get better shoots of some of my models so here is a new shot of this Wolfen Grave Guard. I painted him up as a silver grey coloured wolf, based on a Fianna from the Werewolf the Apocalypse game- including some werewolf glyphs on his "skirt". The front glyphs say his tribe (Fianna) and one to represent the Long and Haunted Road. The one on his back is the symbol for retribution and ascention. I made a scenic base to go with this one and have done it so that he can be removed if I ever get to game with him.. The gravestone is from the Nasteez line of miniatures and is the idol of death. I tried to get a look of fossilised bone on his weapons- not entirely sure whether the result really pulls that off as it looks more like fossilised wood :/ anyway, I am really happy with the way his fur (as usual he is also fluffy!! :D) and the gold/ silver nmm came out as well as the skull and horns. I'm also resonably happy with the medusa head. Grateful for any reviews/comments people have. Regards, Kat

Posted: 9 Jul 2003

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Incredible base and great paint job.
22 Dec 2003 • Vote: 10
Sand Rat
Kat - I like the overall look, but my first impression of the weapons was that they were wood, not bone. Most bone I've dealt with (fossilized or otherwise) lacks the striations that your weapons show.
21 Jul 2003 • Vote: 8
This looks awesome. It is my favorite of the work you have posted. I even like it better than the duel. I think the base is great and doesn't overpower the mini. The weapons look great, nice original technique.
12 Jul 2003 • Vote: 10
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