The Clutch of Fear

Hi, This is another of the Sculptors Row series of dragons from Ral Partha. Now, these two adventurers are really asking to be barbequed as they have just stolen a dragon's egg!! Talk about stupid- I'd vote them both for a Darwin award! :D Anyway, this time I painted her as an red/orange dragon, with nice patternation on the main part of the body. The wings and belly are painted in a contrasting blue, though they look a bit flat and I should have highlighted them a bit more then I have I know theyt do look rather flat. In this picture you really get an idea of the scale of her against the would-be thieves! This model was painted about 2 years ago I think... Hope you like it!

Posted: 10 Jul 2003

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The picture quality is a bit low, but I can tell that the patterning on the dragon's scales is pretty awesome. This deserves a higher mark, in my opinion.
6 Sep 2014 • Vote: 8

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