The Watcher

Hi, this is rhe second wolfen model I have painted. It is The Watcher. Its a repost because I wasn't happy with the earlier picture. He started off on his own but ended up being used in a diorama for the VIC8, where he is having a confrontation with Zeiren- his mortal enemy. Unlike most people I paint my wolfen with fur on their bodies- I don't like the idea that the wolfen have just skin like humans, I think they should be fluffy! I suppose that comes from playing Werewolf the Apocalypse- I like to paint them like the crinos werewolves in this artwork- especially by artists such as Ron Spencer. This one was tricky to photograph because he has such a big weapon! Hope you like him! Kat

Posted: 10 Jul 2003

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Now that you mentioned it...and really makes sense, i'll be trying that fur effect on my wolfens as well :) Brilliant work! Congratulations :)
18 Nov 2003
I love the way you do the fur on your wolfen. The NMM Gold on here looks great, and the scroll work on the kilt is well done. I like the detail work on the greave/arm blade thing. Your pictures are definitely getting way better.
12 Jul 2003 • Vote: 9
luuverly fur and is that a subtle design on the skirt thing? it looks great. grrrr
11 Jul 2003

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