Pitch Black Kroothounds!

Hi, These are converted Kroothounds to look like the aliens in Pitch Black, but with a more foresty theme. There is a partial tutorial on my website, but I never got round to getting it updated: http://www.macrossrpg.com/~ct/Kat/pbkroothounds.html Regards Kat

Posted: 11 Jul 2003

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Tuffy the Slain
I loved those aliens, I liked that movie... so for that. Good rating ^_^ Hah hah! You rock. Kudos.
16 Jun 2005
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird. Cool though.
2 Feb 2004
I like the effect on the tips of the spines. I've never been a fan of Lichen, but the rocks look really cool. I like the paint on the body of the one on the bottom the best, but the tips on the one on the top.
12 Jul 2003 • Vote: 8
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