Syriak L'Intrepide

Hi, Here is another wolfen that I did shortly after my solitary wolfen 2. Once again, he is fluffy!:D and once agoain this is a new pic of a model I've had up for a while. This one I went for a real contrast between light underbelly and darker greys on the back. This one gave me more trouble than the solitary wolfen and there are a few aspects I'm not too happy with. So here goes: Good bits- I personally really like the way his fur has turned out, especially on the front as I think the muscles come out as well defined. The picture doesn't do this justice but I also think I did a good job of the skull he is wearing - I shaded it with a bit of purple ink on the top and I really think that brought the skull out nicely. I also built up the skull using layering rather than drybrushing and this has given it a much smoother look than some of my earlier attempts. I'm happy with the stone croissant as well-I like the colour transitions I got on that. Problem areas- The NMM gold on the gauntlets is not one of my better attempts-not really sure what went wrong there.:( The snow on the base- I didn't mix enough of the snow into the glue and it looks a bit too dirty to me. The eyes- I had trouble with this and I think he lacks a bit of definition in his face becaus he doesn't appear to have eyes (on the sculpt they look like they've been burned shut!) Ok anyway thats how I feel about him- Now I'd like to know what you folks think! Please review! :D Regards Kat

Posted: 11 Jul 2003

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I really care for this. Rack'm minis - which I adore - are sometimes too smooth; this woolfies hairy. Its rugged and scratchy which suits the beast's nature. Nine and a place in my file.
21 Apr 2004 • Vote: 9
Ooooo. Nice. Very nice. I really like the hair. Its a terrific effect.
8 Mar 2004
War Griffon
As soon as I saw the fur on this I thought to myself this has to be Kat's. Nice work one of your best to date I think. Martyn.
22 Dec 2003 • Vote: 9
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