Hy'Li'Spy'Qui- Forgeworld Temple Guard

Hi All, this was my entry for this years Games Day in the UK. He made it through first cut but didn't place in the top 3. This model took ages to sculpt and paint. He's had a fair amount of conversion work. Particularly on the base, weapon and skull. The base has a scratch built anaconda and all the plants and flowers are made of green stuff. I used some snakes and lizards from the jungle swarms pack. If you look closely at the back shot, there is a Chameleon who is mimicing the glyph behind him. The spikes on his weapon and head are fossilised shark teeth :D I replaced the original pommal of the weapon with a cold one head (the old style ones) and painted this in a bone effect. I used the old pommal for a hilt of a dagger at the back. I also added extra scales (the ones painted red), as well as bringing out some more scaly skin on his arms and legs using green stuff. The glyphs around the base spell out his name in Lizard speak. All the feathers are sculpted from greenstuff too. Let me know what you think! Regards Kat

Posted: 20 Sep 2003

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Kat; Awesome work, love the base, I'd like to know how many hours you spent on it! The colors in th base compete a little with the figure for the eye, but it still looks great. Love the snake! Cheers, Grumb
26 Sep 2003
WOW!! Very intricate detail. Beautiful use of color, great sculpting. Magnificent work here Kittykat. EXCELLENT.
23 Sep 2003
Wow. That's amazing work. I love the colors. I really like the anaconda.
23 Sep 2003 • Vote: 7
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