Bitza'Spy'Qui - Lizardman shaman

Hi, This little guy is the old Lizardman shaman for warhammer. I call him Bitza'Spy'Qui! I sculpted various plants on the base using green stuff and then painted him. I paid particular attention to the skull and this was built up from black through to scorched brown and vallejo smoke mix, then adding progrssively more snakebite leather and bleached bone. I then gave it a wash of purple ink and chestnut ink (very dilute) and then highlighted up to skull white. The pics make it look a bit more yellow than it actually is. I won a local GW store competition with this model and they were unanimous in voting him as the best model there (he was up against everything from single models to inquisitor scale pieces!). I took him along to the UK Games Day but he didn't place in Golden Demon. Please let me know what you think of him! Regards Kat

Posted: 21 Sep 2003

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I saw this at norwich gw (i think) it is much better real life
29 Apr 2004
I'm with Wren on the skull, but I'm going up to an 8 because the base is so impressive. I think a bit more definition on the red spots would help, as they seem a little rough edged in places, also the buckle on his bag strap is a bit undefined too. Luvly bone colour.
23 Sep 2003 • Vote: 8
I like the plants that you sculpted, and I think your hard work on the skull really shows.
21 Sep 2003 • Vote: 7

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