Boromir 25mm Games Workshop

This is my 25mm Boromir from the new Games Workshop range. The scan doesn't really show the quality of the NMM metal that I have used on various areas but the shield has come out very nicely (based on the LOTR movie poster originally by Alan Lee I think). Remember the shield is only about 8mm high!! If you want painted minis remember to check my auction page at paulsemporium and let me know what you think of the figure. I think the sculpt is remarkably like Sean Bean (who played Boromir in the film) and I think my painting helps this likeness : ) Thanks Peter

Posted: 15 Sep 2002

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TO Boy
Hey, I even think that Sean Bean would think that mini looked more like him than his own reflection!!!!!
23 Feb 2008 • Vote: 10
TO Boy
Actually 1000000000 out of 10. This is the best figure I have ever seen. That is mainly because of the insane freehand on not just the shield, but the horn, the cloak and glove and I just love the face - it is like a photgraph of Sean Bean. I have to say that you are the artist and you are a master. This is just... There is no compliment I can find which comes close to what I mean.... Truly inspiring!!!!
23 Feb 2008 • Vote: 10
This is an amazing paint-job. I guess this is one of the coolest lotr minis on this site. Everything is so clean and well painted, and the freehand Argonath on the shield is just amazing. The shield on its own is worth a 10:-) Cheers, Mikkel.
4 Mar 2006
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