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Wednesday, 19 November

A restock and 11 new items from The Army Painter!

The Army Painter: Laser Line

The Army Painter: Warpaint: Mega Paint Set II

The Army Painter: Warpaint: Starter Paint Set

The Army Painter: Crystal Blue

The Army Painter: Warpaint: Chaotic Red

The Army Painter: Warpaint: Green Tone Ink

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Tuesday, 18 November

A restock on 11 popular items and 8 new releases from Industria Mechanika!

Chrononaut 1/8 scale

Freaky Gothic 1/8 scale

Red Star 47

Ian McQue's Sky Mark Buoy

Derek Stenning's EK Cosmonaut 3 1/8 scale

The Hopper

Deaths-Head Hawkmoth

Kallamity's WACHTEL

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

Sunday, 16 November

Get a copy of Sedition Wars Battle for Alabaster at a whopping 50% off retail price!

Friday, 14 November

A restock for Anima Tactics and Hell Dorado with new releases for Hell Dorado including the newest expansion Inferno!

Hell Dorado - Inferno Hardcover Rulebook

Hell Dorado - Abezeth

Hell Dorado - Template Set

Hell Dorado - Core Card Deck

Hell Dorado - Michael Legatus

Hell Dorado - Nasser Abd er Rahman


All this and more available now at the CMoN online store!
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Sunday, 9 November

This week we would like to Feature Dark Age Games! offering 20% off the Dark Age line as well as a fantastic offer. For each purchase of 4 or more models or 1 box customers will receive a free Limited Edition Father Curwen! Sale runs from Sunday November 9th till Saturday November 15th, Limited Edition Father Curwin available while supplies last limit 1 per customer so get yours now!

Friday, 7 November

6 new releases for Dark Age including more Prevailers!

Voice of the Prevailers (1)

Warknight Capatain (1)

Warknights (2)

Warknight Bondsman (1)

Ghost (1)

Tallman (2)

All this and more available now at the CMoN online store!
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Tuesday, 4 November

41 New releases from Impact! Miniatures including their all new Chibi Sci-Fi models!

Chibi MP Officer (1)

Chibi Hastur (1)

Chibi Space Mech (Short Range)

Chibi Headless w/ Horse (1)

Chibi Chaugnar (1)

Chibi Cyborg (1)

Chibi Tergite (1)

Chibi Wormie (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!
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Monday, 3 November

23 New items and a restock of everyone's favorites from Hassle Free Miniatures!

Capt. Isseki (b)


Vile Vek

Female Cultist



Lord Ulthrak


All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

Thursday, 30 October

CoolMiniOrNot is glad to announce the launch of its new Kickstarter campaign! In a partnership with Panache Animations, we bring you The World of Smog: On Her Majesty's Service, a strategical steampunk board game for two to four players. The Kickstarter campaign offers exclusive content for backers and a lot more to be unlocked as the campaign progresses.

In The World of Smog: On Her Majesty's Service, each player controls a different Gentleman, tasked by Queen Victoria to journey into the Shadow Market and bring her four precious Artefacts. To do so, they'll need to navigate the underworld of shifting gears that is the Shadow Market, buying and selling the different Ethers in order to have the Coins necessary to acquire all four of the Artefacts. One unique aspect of On Her Majesty's Service is that each player may only interact with the icons that are facing their edge of the board. Since the tiles that make up the board are frequently rotated by the players' actions, the landscape of options available to each player is in constant change. Manipulating the board to one's advantage (and to hinder your opponents) is crucial to victory.

Gathering the different Ethers (mana, blood, titanium and ectoplasm) is also essential to allow the players to activate the powerful Special Action cards they can gain. And more importantly, once they've acquired all four Artefacts, they'll need to have the right amount of each Ether to match their Secret Combination in order to be allowed to leave the Shadow Market through their Secret Gate. Thus, choosing what Ethers to buy and when to sell them is a key factor to making sure your whole plan lines up.

The Gentlemen are not alone in the Shadow Market, however. The Agents of the Shadow Master rule this place, and each of them has a different ability that often hinders (but may sometimes aid) the Gentlemen's progress. Players can pay a tribute to the Shadow Master in order to gain his favour, allowing them some control over the Agents' actions.

Game Contents
Game board with 12 rotating tiles
4 Gentleman figures
6 Agent figures
30 coin tokens
30 Hourglass tokens
16 Ether counters
4 Gentleman dashboards
67 cards

The gears are in motion for The World of Smog!

Copyright © 2014 CoolMiniOrNot Inc, All rights reserved.

Monday, 27 October

25 new items from Knight Models including new additions to the 35mm Marvel range, a bunch of releases for the Batman Miniatures Game, new Busts for Lord of the Rings, and Some spooky models to add to our Halloween sale!

Zombie Girl (70mm)

The Punisher 35mm (1)

Solomon Grundy (1)

Lord of the Rings - Boromir Bust (1/10)

Nite Owl (1)

The Thing 35mm (1)

Poison Ivy and Plant Slaves (4)

Batman - Adam West (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN online store!
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New on CoolMiniOrNot - Saturday, 22 November


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Forge World Large Scale Skaven Assassin
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Penthesilea, Amazon Warrior
Submitted on 26 May 14 by Ringil

Submitted on 06 June 14 by dpbohr RATING: 10
Awesome paint job! Love the attention to detail!

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