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Tuesday, 22 April

4 New releases for Dark Age including the long awaited Recovery Bot for CORE!

CORE Recovery Bot (1)

Dragyri Rath'Zhi (1)

Dragyri Brimstone Female (1)

Dragyri Brimstone Male (1)

All available now at the CMoN On-Line Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Monday, 21 April

Step 1: Buy these wonderful bases and terrain sets.
Step 2: Paint up bases/terrain.
Step 3: Apply kick-ass model to kick-ass base.
Step 4: Go to your LGS and make everyone jealous!

New items just in from Micro Art Studios and a restock of old favorites!

Dark Temple Fortification Set

Wraithstone Bases, Wround 50mm (1)

Scrapyard Bases, Round 25mm (5)

Scrapyard Bases, Bike 25x70mm (4)

Scrapyard Base, Ellipse 120mm (1)

Scrapyard Bases, WRound 40mm (2)

Troglodyte Bases, WRound 30mm (5)

Troglodyte Bases, Wround 50mm (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN On-Line Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Friday, 18 April

Have you been searching for light weight terrain that is fantastic looking and easy to assemble? If so your search is over! Whatever type of terrain you may be looking for thanks to Plast Craft Games... We got that!

TME - 3 Platform Curved Building

Sci-fi Crates (4)

Old West building 04

Two storey Venetian Building

Medieval small house

Bird Houses

Fukei building 2

Desert house 03

All this and more available at the CMoN On-Line store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Wednesday, 16 April

6 new models from Figone and a restock!

Capt'n Sapo (1)

Bill Tcherno (1)

Tanka Wanka (1)

Demon Huntress 90mm (1)

Chevalier Errent (1)

Lallah Fadhma N’soumer (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN On-Line Store!

Tuesday, 15 April

New base styles in stock from Secret Weapon!

Round Lip Bases: 30mm Alien Temple Base (10)

Round Lip Bases: 40mm Alien Temple Base (5)

Round Lip Bases: 50mm Alien Temple Base 03 (1)

Beveled Edge: 25mm Alien Invasion (10)

Beveled Edge Bases: 60mm Alien Invasion 01 (1)

Beveled Edge: 95x120mm Town Square (1)

All this and more available at the CMoN On-Line store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Monday, 14 April

Pigments, Streaking effects, Nature effects and paints to make it look real! Introducing AMMO Mig Jimenez

Streaking Rust Effects 35ml

Enamel Effects Slimy Grime Dark

Heavy Chipping Effects 35ml

Pigment: Fixer

Pigment: Black

Sand and Gravel Glue

Black Primer 60ml

All this and more Available now at the CMoN On-Line Store!

Friday, 11 April

Chibi Fans rejoice we are proud to announce the addition of Impact! Miniatures to our long list of products. Adorable and deadly we have 114 of the chibiest chibi models in the impact range with more to come! Keep your eyes peeled for more releases....... actually you might want to close your eyes just a little bit, you are starting to look like one of these little fellas!

Chibi Cthulhu (1)

Chibi Pumpkinhead (1)

Chibi Zombie (1)

Chibi Nightmare (1)

Chibi Monk with Weapons (1)

Chibi Paladin (1)

Chibi Rabbid (1)

Chibi Warrior Red (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN On-Line store!

Pirates, Pirates, and .......More Pirates! GAAARRRRRR! New releases from Freebooter Miniatures for their game Freebooters Fate!

Clara Cadora

Big Jenny


Battitora and Harlequin


Don Pavo

Montero Guaca


All this and more available now at the CMoN On-Line Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Thursday, 10 April

We have some new releases from Andrea Miniatures as well as a restock of old favorites including fantasy fem-fatals, deranged demons, and the immortally beloved Marilyn Monroe in one of the most iconic and memorable scenes ever depicted upon the silver screen!

Subway Wind (54 mm)

Zwëothel, Queen of Darkness (54mm)

Gor'tahg. The Bloodthirsty (75mm)

Verthandi, Sword of Light (54mm)

Zorabeth, Morning Mist (54mm)

Nalach, Evil Shadow (54mm)

Arlith, Slient Shadow (54mm)

All this and more available now at the CMoN On-Line Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Wednesday, 9 April

We have a restock of Miniature Factory! If you missed out last time they are back! Uncle Meat, Brandy, Butch, Horace, Buck and the rest of the gang!

Brandy "Motor Maiden" (1)

Uncle Meat "Slaughtermeister" (1)

Horace "Patient Zero" (1)

Mary Sue "Lucky Charm" (1)

Buck "I are cute kitten" (1)

Butch "Game Keeper" (1)

Daisy "Lady Inbred" (1)

All available now at the CMoN On-Line Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Thursday, 27 March

We have four new releases and a restock from Avatars of War!

Dark Elf Black Shadow with Hand Weapon

Dark Elf Black Shadow with Two Hand Weapon

Lord of Castria with Weapon and Shield

Dark Elf Princess with Dragonette

All this and more available now at the CMON On-Line Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

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