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Friday, 30 January

The CMoN sale of the week sale is 20% off Bushido!

Thursday, 29 January

2 New limited edition releases from Seargent Blackart - Terrible Kids Stuff!

Splittingbones Limited Edition

Barin Limited Edition

All this and More available now at the CMoN Online Store!

Sunday, 25 January

This weeks sale runs from Sudnay January 25th through Saturday January 31st.

Friday, 16 January

Starting Sunday January 18th receive 20% off of Scibor Monstrous Miniatures until Saturday January 24th!

Thursday, 15 January

12 New releases and a restock across the entire line of Infinity the game!

Operation: Icestorm

Mercenaries: Yojimbo

Combined Army: Kornak Gazzarot, Morat Superior Warrior-Officer (MK12)

Ariadna: Dog-Warriors

Yu Jing: Tokusetsu Eisei (Doctor)

ALEPH: Dactyls, Steel Phalanx Support Corps (Engineer)

Tohaa: Kotail Unit

PanOceania: Fusillers

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Friday, 9 January

New on CoolMiniOrNot - Friday, 30 January


New and notable

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Blast from the past!

Slaanesh Terminator unit aka The Terminettes
Submitted on 04 August 14 by Monstroys

Submitted on 12 August 14 by Micz RATING: 10
Simply majestic !!!

New Forum messages today

Question on card wording and "Dazed and Confused" I dont think the rulebook differentiates between the two terms, so I think they have to mean the sa... - odinsgrandson 30-1 11:10am

  AndyG WIP (pic heavy) Lookin real nice Andy. St. Reginald, the patron saint of A$$kickers???... - BloodFather of Kharnath 30-1 09:57am

  Boubi WIP Ok I was not so active on the forum recently, but I am looking at 10 ball, AndyG, Quiarcus, Skelette... - boubi 30-1 09:43am

Marjedi 3.0 Thread A new year, a new found love for painting minis, a fun challenge and several kickstarters either on ... - marjedi 30-1 08:44am

  chaos spawns WIP Finished my Valkyrie and submitted her to the gallery.... - chaos spawn 30-1 08:36am

  My first WIP (Or how to keep me going) No SBS this week due to getting ready for a show Sunday, I have however got completed shots of the B... - wargamesculptor 30-1 08:32am

  cmon annual 2013? Does anyone get 50 votes anymore unless its a pervy Andre sculpt or a giant GW monster/tank?The per... - Duff 30-1 07:59am

FS: Uthmog "Harry the Hammer" Elvenblade - Duff 30-1 07:46am

Please update the faction stat cards on the website with ALL of the units!!! Viva La Canadia!!! :PIll poke the brand manager again tomorrow for ya Xav.Woot! Success at last! Th... - Xavarir 30-1 07:27am

Voting low, is it possible to vote bellow 3? Hey folks, I recently joined CMON, and think its both a fantastic community and a rich source of adv... - matt_dino 30-1 06:46am

[Have] Infinity, WH40k Imperial Guard 3rd Ed., WH Fantasy - [Want] Cash or Trades I have got the Mermaid from Origen art. Sealed original, because of a mistake I ordered two of them.... - Jike Ichi 30-1 06:02am

  BloodFather's Axis of Chaos Please check out my virgin TMM attempt at the Gokan paint along and remark and how to improve or wha... - BloodFather of Kharnath 30-1 05:32am

Spike & Amulet of Retribution: Conclusion? are you starting to see the problem yet?...yes, now I see it. Thank you for the infoThe amulet of re... - zwergfell 30-1 05:05am

  Alexis WIP Waarhammer Thanks moe and happy to oblige. Some more pics, still placing base colors on the most part. Done a b... - Alexandra 30-1 04:06am

  Demihuman's DemiWIP Of course you cant compare "normal" peoples fanbase with the big names in this hobby.Such as Skelett... - BloodFather of Kharnath 30-1 02:54am

  Bailey03's WIP KB, I believe what you are seeing is just starker highlights due to his positioning of his light sou... - BloodFather of Kharnath 30-1 02:33am

Abyss Gnarly work there. Updates are appreciated, both big and small.... - BloodFather of Kharnath 30-1 02:08am

Mousekillers Daemons of Chaos ... - mousekiller 30-1 02:06am

  Mega's menagerie of miniature madness Canny, but I thought they had orcs at the zoo in New Zealand??? Hence the reason for filming LoTR th... - BloodFather of Kharnath 30-1 02:05am

WANTED: GoGo Marlene - Infinity tabletop Hi all,Im currently looking to buy the GoGo Marlene miniature that was sold with the artbook preord... - Jike Ichi 29-1 11:46pm

Any players in the Twin Cities area? This tactic seemed to work well for the players of NYC so I thought Id try it myself. I live in the... - Hotfoot 29-1 10:46pm

Players in the NYC area As long as you yell "SOOOOUIEEE PIG!" every time you start a match Ill be happy. Just checked with... - brockjordan 29-1 10:15pm

Gloss varnish that doesn't go yellow in the bottle? Ive been very disappointed with Vallejos gloss varnish. Previous bottle I bought started to yello... - shponglefan 29-1 09:17pm

  February - The "I Loathe This Model" Contest Only a couple of days left to join!!!Small list update,...webmonkeyjahminismarjedigohkmcrystellamaxx... - Webmonkey 29-1 09:00pm

  A WIP Thread by Fluisterwoud Last work on the base until the mini is done and affixed, then I can add snow effects.... - fluisterwoud 29-1 08:06pm

Tentacle Grab Sorry, I wasnt thinking of gaining DW from another model, I was thinking of a model which generated... - urionfranz 29-1 07:39pm

A Couple of Questons Name one attack that is a Ranged attack. Not a Magic Attack or a Will Attack, but a Ranged attack.... - urionfranz 29-1 07:34pm

Human Interface Nakamura Tower - The Cyberpunk boardgames - Official Channel Human Interface Nakamura Tower is first on the market truly cyberpunk boardgame. If you’re a fan o... - Hint The Game 29-1 06:22pm

  Is there a secret? My Painting desk is not a Tip! I know where everything is.(Its in there somewhere)My desk might see... - moetle 29-1 06:07pm

  Hedroc of Carn Maen WIP Ok, Im nearly done with the tiny little guy. Gotta do some clean up but hes basically finished giv... - Perbius 29-1 05:48pm

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